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As well as DVDs, my videos are also available as instant digital downloads which can be played on PCs, Macs and tablets such as the ipad.  To view the videos on an ipad they will need to downloaded to a computer and transferred via itunes.  File sizes for each video range from 500MB to 1000MB so will take some time to download depending on your connection speed.  To purchase the video downloads, please click on this link

I am a Spiritualist medium based in the UK with a passion for teaching and demonstrating mediumship to the highest standards.  My aim is to make high quality teachings on mediumship which are both accessible and affordable, and I have developed many mediumship videos, development CDs and a comprehensive study programme.




I have 24 videos on mediumship and related topics available in the Course in Medioumship video series. All of the videos are available as digital downloads in mp4 format, and as DVDs in PAL and NTSC formats.  Feedback on all of the videos has been very positive to date. Previews of the original videos are available under the Product Info menu tab above (although the videos have been revised and re-recorded since the previews were added).  


I have also produced a number of development CDs including 'Sitting in the Power' and 'A Rainbow Journey'.  All CDs are also available as mp3 downloads from my shop.

If you are looking for my Gordon Higginson tribute website, please click on this link:

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If you are looking for my Developing Mediumship website, please click on this link:


I have released a new video titled 'Tools for Development' which looks at two valuable practices to get the most from your development, namely reviewing your development and keeping a development journal. The video also includes a series of annual review forms plus multiple questions for journalling supplied as two PDF documents. It also includes a 3 track audio download titled Questions for Development which is designed to complement the video and allow you to work with the journalling questions in several different ways. Click on the latest products link to purchase:



As well as stand-alone videos, I also offer the highly regarded Course in Mediumship study programme which is based on the videos.  This is a home study programme offered as 4 modules designed to teach the theoretical foundations of mediumship in a structured and logical approach.  Each module comprises 10 video downloads comprising 5 core videos supplemented by an additional 5 tutorial classes.  There are also optional live online support classes and certification. It is a unique opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of the theory of mediumship from an experienced tutor.  For more information visit

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