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Recent News

February 2016 - Emotions in Mediumship Video Released

I have released a new video titled 'Emotions in Mediumship' which looks at the role of emotions in mediumship and the healing power of mediumship.  It looks at how emotions can both enhance and hinder mediumship, and how mediums can best manage their own emotions and the emotions of sitters and recipients.  It is available as both a DVD and video download.  Please click on the "A Course in Mediumship" logo to go to the shop to buy it. A 15-minute preview of the video is avilable on you tube - click on this link to view it


April 2015 - Spirit Inspiration and Trance Healing Videos Released

I have released two new videos titled 'Working With Spirit Inspiration' and Trance Healing which cover the theory and practice of reciving spirit inpsoration and healing in the altered states.  They are available as both DVDs and video downloads.  Please click on the "A Course in Mediumship" logo to go to the shop to buy them.


Feb 2014 - Course in Mediumship Study Programme Launched

I have launched an Online Study Programme which provides a detailed understanding of the theory of mediumship.  It is based on 15 of my videos from the acclaimed 'A course in Mediumship' series.  For more information visit:


November 2013 - Approved Tutor of the Arthur Findlay College

Good news! Having completed the Arthur Findlay College tutor training, I have heard from the AFC committee that I am now an Approved Tutor of the college.

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