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Classes at Hampton Hill Spiritualist Church

Teaching mediumship and psychic development is very much a passion of mine and it gives me great pleasure to see the attendees at my circles and classes making progress with their development.  The dates of my forthcoming classes at Hampton Hill Spiritualist Church in 2017 are detailed below and further information about each class is provided further down the page.  All classes start at 7.30pm.

More Information About My Circles and Classes


Open Platform - First Monday of the month, 7.30pm - INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED LEVELS

Open Platform is open to all who have developed a link with spirit and wish practice platform mediumship in front of a sympathetic audience under the guidance of an experienced teacher.  Each student is typically asked to make at least one spirit contact.


Mediumship Practice Circle - Third Monday of the month, 7.30pm - ALL LEVELS EXCEPT BEGINNERS

This is a practical circle focused solely on mediumship and uses a variety of exercises to develop your mediumship further. It is primarily aimed at intermediate and advanced levels but experienced beginners are welcome to come along. Each class  combines teaching on a certain aspect of mediumship with supporting exercises for attendees to work with their mediiumship.


Speakers & Philosophy Class - Fourth Tuesday  of the month, 7.30pm - ALL LEVELS

The purpose of this class is to provide an opportunity for those wishing to work on platform to practice their philosophy and public speaking from the platform.  In addition, it also provides a forum to learn more about the philosphy of spiritualism and the basics of public speaking.  Each attendee is given the opportunity to do a talk or address on a specific topic or aspect.


 Mon 21 August - Mediumship Practice Circle

 Tues 22 August - Speakers & Philosophy Class

 Mon 4 September - Open Platform

 Mon 18 September - Mediumship Practice Circle

 Tues 26 September - Speakers & Philosophy Class

 Mon 16 October - Mediumship Practice Circle

 Tues 24 October - Speakers & Philosophy Class

 Mon 6 November - Open Platform

 Mon 22 November - Mediumship Practice Circle

 Tues 28 November - Speakers & Philosophy Class

 Mon 4 December - Open Platform

 Mon 18 December - Mediumship Practice Circle