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Customer Feedback on Videos and DVDs

I absolutely love Martin's teaching style! I couldn't wait to have the DVDs so I ordered every single one of his instant video downloads on his Mediumship, Psychic and Trance Mediumship Series. I love that he makes his teaching easily accessible and affordable to all. The videos are about 2 hours long and cover a great amount of detail and many topics. I personally feel it's important to study Mediumship with different teachers and I wanted to learn more from Martin as I admire his work. I wanted to take my time with his teachings, to absorb all of the knowledge and apply it experientially with my mediumship. You cannot go wrong with any of Martin's programs and I highly recommend them! Kathy, Virginia, USA


I ordered your 12 DVD set entitled A Course In Mediumship about 3 weeks ago. I wanted to let you know that I am in awe of this truly inspiring course. I had to write and let you know what a blessing these videos have been to me. I want to tell you that they are nothing short of AMAZING! They are just what I needed! Theory, practice, the bridge that I needed to help me fill in my gaps. They are giving me direction and answering so many questions others could not answer for me. I sit and watch them on my laptop with my notebook in hand taking tons of notes. You are an amazing teacher. Thank you for the work that you do. Your videos are inspiring me to grow even more with my mediumship. Debbie, Rhode Island, USA


I just wanted to say thank you for your mediumship instruction videos. You are a wonderful teacher and very funny too! I have told so many people about your course. It is like a safe haven for those of us who are desperate to understand what is going on and to help cultivate our skill. Thank you! Amber, California, USA


Thanks for the super prompt delivery of your fantastic and inspiring DVDs. They are brilliant and help to reinforce what I go through when giving platform readings or 1-to-1 readings. So thank you for putting the time in to releasing these amazing and highly instructional and super inspiring DVDs. Larry, London, UK.


I am really enjoying your videos & hope to purchase them all. I need to express my gratitude to you for the accessible learning. I have been searching for an affordable and flexible way to continue development for some time now The videos have given me the confidence to go back to my development group. Much appreciated. Kelly, Glasgow UK


I just wanted to say that I really appreciate your videos. They are brilliant, one of a kind. Mia, Farsta, Sweden


Thought you would appreciate some feedback on the DVD set.  In a nutshell, I thought the DVDs were brilliant and I really enjoyed all twelve. Over the last few years I have collected numerous books on the subject but in their entirety they can never teach me a fraction of what you have shown in your workshop-style teaching DVDs. Each topic was covered thoroughly and explained in a simple straightforward way so that everyone couldn't fail to understand what you were trying to get across.  Even my normally inquisitive mind found it difficult to raise questions at the end of each class.  Now I have greater confidence knowing that by putting your teachings into practice, I will succeed in my objective of being a quality medium.  Many thanks, Vince, York, UK


I've been really enjoying the DVDs, you've done a great job.  I've been a working medium for a number of years but have still learnt lots from the DVDs, and I find your style of teaching really great.  I was down at Stansted for a course a couple of weeks ago which was great, but I think your DVDs are a great alternative for anyone who can't get to Stansted.  Thanks, Richard, Hartlepool, UK


I really enjoyed watching the set of DVDs and am now about to start viewing all 12 for the second time!  I really found your DVDs very helpful; the odd few classes I've had the opportunity of attending locally would certainly not have been of the same high standard as yours.  I enjoyed very much your common sense and jovial approach to the subject and found myself waiting in anticipation each day to watch the next one. I really feel they have given me confidence to develop and strive to push myself to develop this gift to the best of my ability. Thank you so much, Marguerite, Co. Wexford, Ireland


I recently invested in Martin's set of 12 mediumship DVDs. Whilst I have only managed to watch 4 of the 12 classes so far, I thought I'd drop a line here to let others who are considering getting them know that I'm really pleased with the content. Martin's delivery of the subject is made in roughly 2 hour sessions and is done so in a bright and enthusiastic manner. He looks to cover all those questions that the newbie wishes to ask but on looking round the room doesn't because they don't want to sound silly, right through to more complex matters and mechanics of the processes involved in communication.  His explanations are reinforced with good practical examples that one can relate to enabling the subject topic to be fully understood before moving on to the next.  I'm certainly looking forward to watching classes 5 to 12. A big thank you for putting these together Martin.  Sean, Guernsey


I recently purchased 4 of your videos and watched the first tonight - Structure of a Contact.  I have to say it was exactly what I was hoping for in regards to finding a form of structure and I laughed so much at how comical, light-hearted, and warm-spirited you are in your teaching which is great! ... It was pitched perfectly - with all sincerity.  I sent out an SOS to the spirit world that I needed a form of structure and your video blew me away as it was answered and more.  Thank you very much. Tracey, London, UK


I'm sure there are many others around the globe (like myself) who can only dream of taking time off & flying to the UK to study at the Arthur Findlay College. For me, watching your classes are the next best thing.  Your set of 12 mediumship DVDs provide great value, Robert, Seattle, USA


I love your DVDs and I am on the 4th one out of 12 but I will have to go back and watch them all again since there is so much great information in all of them. I love the sense of humour that you have as it makes the class more interesting.  I really think that your DVDs are the best way for people all over the world to understand all about mediumship and also for people like me who attend lots of courses to have something solid to use. The best thing about your classes compared to courses is that I can keep going back to watch the DVDs over and over again. Thank you very much for everything. Samira, Geneva, Switzerland


Many thanks for sending me the Course in Mediumship DVDs so quickly. I have now watched just over half the course and would like to give you the feedback that they are just what I was looking for and I find them absolutely excellent. I have never looked forward to attending classes more, and your humour really makes them most enjoyable as well as the DVDs being clear and detailed.  Many thanks again. Carola, Germany


I thought your 3rd DVD (Connecting to Spirit) was awesome. It covered the type of information that I've been searching for about how to establish and maintain a link. It was well organized, non-confusing, and presented by a person with great experience. I have a technical background in engineering, so your theory, diagrams & explanations made complete sense to me.  Thank you, Robert, Seattle, USA


Your DVD set arrived safe and sound and I have now watched the first five classes.  I could not go without saying how wonderful the entire program is. So many questions have now been answered. Congratulations on creating such a clear, logical and extremely practical resource, Charles, Sydney, Australia


I have just watched your Mediumship Class 3 video and I absolutely love it.  You have a great gift of teaching and I love the way you put yourself across as you describe things exactly as I know them to be. You have a lovely sense of humour as well and I love the humour.  I have learned such a lot already. I am looking forward to watching the others and I will be getting the rest of the DVDs.  I always ask spirit to guide me and I'm so glad I found you. Thanks again Martin. Mary, Ayrshire UK


I have received the full set of 12 DVDs and I just wanted to tell you that I love what I have seen so far on the DVDs.  I really like the way you present mediumship on your DVDs. Kim, Follebu, Norway


I found your first three videos great.  They make a lot of sense and are good teaching for beginners and even those who aren't beginners.  I have found by listening to them it gives a different point of view, which I agree with whole heartedly. I will be buying all your videos as there is so much learning in them.  They touch upon so much that I believe and it is great to hear it from somebody else.  Thanks. Robin, Hervey Bay, Australia


I received your DVD set a week ago and I am totally wrapped in them!  Thank you so much for making them! I love the way you teach the subject in such a grounded and comprehensive way.  Thanks, Bo, Queensland, Australia


Thank you for the really excellent course of mediumship classes on DVD.  Congratulations!  Marie Claire, Mol, Belgium


I have all of your DVDs and I highly recommend them. Keep up the fabulous work for spirit. Bev, Brisbane, Australia


Great value DVDs. No-nonsense teaching.  Roy, Northampton, UK


I received class 3 yesterday and I am really pleased with its contents. You give many answers to questions I keep asking myself. It is a relaxed yet very professional and valuable approach to teaching mediumship. Christelle, France


I'm up to Class 3 and just want to say you've done a brilliant job!  Thanks so much and I'm really pleased I bought them all.  Rachel, Victoria, Australia


I’m working my way through your videos and I like your method of presentation. I like to know how things work and why they happen and I think your charts are very good. They explain things in a way that I think everyone can see and understand. Janet, Auckland , New Zealand


I've been watching class 1 (Introduction to Mediumship) and want to say a big thank you as you have done a great job in making the information easy to follow and understand. Also love the diagrams too! Cathy, UK


I am very happy to have your DVDs. You are a very good teacher and I appreciate your humour and simplicity. I feel that I am progressing a lot. Marie Claire, Belgium


Finished watching your mediumship class 4 video and found it very good. I have found it very hard to find a good book (apart from the ones you have already suggested) on the mechanics of mediumship so this is a different way to learn. Some people don’t like reading and would prefer to watch a video on certain subjects so it is a very good idea. Thanks again. Alex, Romford, UK


Thanks a lot for this wonderful DVD set which answers a lot of my questions and more. Gabriele, Germany


Wonderful teachings. Thank you so very much! Lynn, Canada


Your videos provide expert advice for those who can’t make it to Stansted. Scott, Belfast, UK


I really enjoyed watching your video download on Building Power and Sitting for Spirit. I have been to a few Churches and Circles and wasn’t taught how important building my own Power was. Thank you for explaining it so well. Tracy, Western Australia